The Importance of the Tangible: aka Get those photos off your hard drive and onto your walls!

Digital photography is awesome!  I love it.  The instant access to photos is nothing short of a miracle in my eyes.  Don’t even get me started on the wonders of Instagram!!  The only sad thing is that the intangibility of digital photos.  You took the photo, you downloaded the photo, you Facebooked, Tweeted and Instagramed the photo, but then what?  Sure, your legions of followers commented and “liked” it, but what about your children and while we’re at it, WHAT about your grandchildren and your GREAT GRANDCHILDREN?  How will they ever get to see those photos?  If your photos only exist in the digital realm and you never actually print them you have taken away from your descendents the chance at one of my favorite activities, discovering a treasure.  Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about?  You know, you’re going through a box from grandma’s garage and you come across a photo of your grandmother as a baby and on the back is penned (in your Great-grandmother’s handwriting) “Sally–8 months old, 1932”   GASP, you have found a treasure.  Bonus treasure if she looks exactly like your own child.  THAT is powerful stuff as far as I’m concerned.

So, now you know my motivation behind why I do what I do.  Photos. They connect us with the past AND the future. Of course, only if you print them, and put them in an album or frame them or hang them as artwork in your home.

We get it. We know it’s overwhelming.  What size? Where should I display it? A photo wall? What do you mean, Cropping?  AHHHHHHH, I’ll just do it tomorrow.  So, we have removed this obstacle for our clients.  We come to your home and show you the possibilities and take away the confusion.  Easy peasy!  I’d love to share with you what we created recently for a client………

The Folkes family.  This lovely couple was wed a few years ago and they didn’t have any wedding photos taken as they tied the knot at the justice of the peace.  I think they definitely deserved to have an heirloom photo for their home, don’t you?!  We discussed a couple of different options and these were their favorite mockups:

24x30singleimagecollection_blogP I N this to pinterest

kitchengallery_option2_framed_blogP I N this to pinterest

The finished product installed in their home by yours truly.

frames-15P I N this to pinterest

photos as artwork in your homeP I N this to pinterestThis photo installation was a collaboration between us and our client and was truly a labor of love.  I’m SO, SO proud of this service we offer and hope to help many clients in the future create those tangible heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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