Danielle + Pat | Married! | The Milestone |Denton, Texas

This was such a sweet morning brunch wedding filled with so, so much laughter and happiness.  Danielle and Pat tied the knot at The Milestone in Denton recently and we were honored to witness and document it.  Here are some of our favorites from their big day!daniellepatWED-25P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-58P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-67P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-83P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-102P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-939P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-943P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-949P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-133P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-982P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-140P I N this to pinterestGiddiness!  I LOVE this photo. They couldn’t contain their happiness any longer and it just bubbled out. daniellepatWED-143P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-988P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-157P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-167P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-192P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-193P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-199P I N this to pinterestThis was a first for us.  The brides grandmother was one of her bridesmaids!  I absolutely LOVE that.  What a special relationship. daniellepatWED-210P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-277P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-415P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-418P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-469P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-481P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-485P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-490P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-502P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-508P I N this to pinterestSee, more laughing. Seriously, I couldn’t stop smiling at these two!daniellepatWED-512P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-1081P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-532P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-536P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-549P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-553P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-563P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-572P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-669P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-673P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-687P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-702P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-713P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-375P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-376P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-1203P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-379P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-387P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-726P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-752P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-1163P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-808P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-807P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-811P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-845P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-846P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-855P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-865P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-1207P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-894P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-904P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-1223P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-1226P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatWED-922P I N this to pinterestYay!!! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Teagarden!!!!


Since, Danielle and Pat wanted to spend as much time as possible with their guests on their wedding day we planned a Bride and Groom session and shot that beforehand.  It worked out perfectly and we were able to capture way more portraits of them together without the time rush of a wedding day.  Not to mention, it wasn’t nearly as hot when we did their bride and groom session as it was on their actual wedding day.  I think it was SOOOOO worth it to have done these and I’m glad they took the time to do this beforehand.  We wanted to make sure they still got that “coming down the aisle” moment so we still do a first look at their session just as they would on their wedding day and I think it was just as emotional and exciting!!!  They did a first look again on their wedding day and even though they had already seen each other in their wedding attire it didn’t take away AT ALL from the moment.  Here are our favorites from their bride and groom session at Flippen Park in Highland Park.daniellepatBGeng_photogfavs_001P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatBGeng_photogfavs_002P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatBGeng_photogfavs_003P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatBGeng_photogfavs_004P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatBGeng_photogfavs_005P I N this to pinterestdaniellepatBGeng_photogfavs_006P I N this to pinterest