Brittany + David | Married! | The Milestone Denton, Texas

We’ve been anticipating Brittany & David’s wedding for quite awhile.  It was as beautiful and FUN as we expected.  My favorite detail from the whole day was the adorable vow books used to hand write their wedding vows in.  What a perfect idea!!! Check out Brittany & David’s big day and let us know what YOUR favorite is. 😉brittanydavidwed_photogfavs_001P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_003P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_005P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_006P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_007P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_008P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_009P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_010P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_011P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_012P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_013P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_014P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_015P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_017P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_019P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_020P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_021P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_023P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_025P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_027P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_029P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_030P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_032P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_033P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_034P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_035P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_036P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_037P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_038P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_039P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_040P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_041P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_042P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_043P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_044P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_046P I N this to pinterestThat September Sunset light!!!! LOVE!brittanydavidwed_photogfavs_047P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_049P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_050P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_051P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_052P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_053P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_054P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_055P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_057P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_059P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_061P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_062P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_063P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_064P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_065P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_066P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_067P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_068P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_069P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_070P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_071P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_072P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_073P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_074P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_075P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_076P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_077P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_078P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_079P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_080P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_081P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_082P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_083P I N this to pinterestbrittanydavidwed_photogfavs_084P I N this to pinterest