Allison + Chase : Married!! | The Milestone | Denton, Texas

Ok, internet, get ready this is a LONG post.  It’s SO worth it though. 😉

We are just in love with these photos of Allison and Chase’s beautiful wedding at The Milestone in Denton.  We have been looking forward to this day for almost 18 months since we first met with this sweet couple.  We’ve definitely gotten a little attached.  With Allison’s  quiet sweetness and Chase’s wonderful sense of humor they are just impossible NOT to love to pieces!  Take a look at our favorites from their special day.allisonchasewed_photogfavs_001P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_003P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_004P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_005P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_006P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_007P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_008P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_009P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_011P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_012P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_013P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_014P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_015P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_016P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_017P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_018P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_019P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_020P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_021P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_022P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_023P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_024P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_025P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_026P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_028P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_029P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_030P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_031P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_032P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_034P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_035P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_036P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_038P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_039P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_041P I N this to pinterestGot to take a moment and mention the sign in the photo below by our sister company (aka our other business & Etsy shop) Two Daughters Heirlooms.  Allison was one of VERY first etsy shop customers! Thanks Allison, it means the world to us that you are a fan of not only our photography, but our other creative endeavors too.  You’re the best. 😉allisonchasewed_photogfavs_042P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_043P I N this to pinterestOne of my favorite images from the day is this one of Allison and her Dad.  I actually squealed when Saylor showed me that he had captured this.  I MAY be a tad bit jealous that I didn’t take it myself. LOL!allisonchasewed_photogfavs_045P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_046P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_047P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_048P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_049P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_050P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_051P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_052P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_053P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_054P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_055P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_056P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_057P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_058P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_059P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_060P I N this to pinterestOne of my favorite moments of the ceremony was when the couple surprised their moms, by thanking them for all they had done to get them to this point in their lives.  It was really unique and heartfelt and full of emotion.allisonchasewed_photogfavs_061P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_062P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_063P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_064P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_065P I N this to pinterestI’ve said it a million times, but it’s worth mentioning again there is just SOMETHING about a Fall wedding in Texas.  There is no other sunset light like the light in September and October!  Can’t get enough!allisonchasewed_photogfavs_066P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_067P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_068P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_069P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_071P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_072P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_073P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_074P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_075P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_076P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_077P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_078P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_079P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_081P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_083P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_084P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_085P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_086P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_087P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_089P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_091P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_092P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_093P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_094P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_095P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_096P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_097P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_098P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_099P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_100P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_101P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_102P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_103P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_104P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_105P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_106P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_107P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_108P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_109P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_110P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_111P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_112P I N this to pinterestallisonchasewed_photogfavs_113P I N this to pinterest